Monday, August 22, 2011

A New Home for Brodie!!

Ok, so I have never been a "cat lover" , but this weekend I totally had a change of heart. Michael and I really wanted to get Gracie and Bryce a gift for simply being amazing this summer. I mean, by the end of the summer they were sick of each other (and probably me too), but they had been through a lot and we thought they were very deserving.
We have two dogs, Luke and Oliver, who primarily stay outside, so having a pet that could stay inside would be something we thought the kids would really enjoy.
I went through our list of options.....hmmmmm...not good....."Michael, what about a kitten?"
Without a doubt, we wanted to adopt ! I had seen one too many of those commercials with the pitiful animals and the Sara Mclaughlin song, "In the Arms of the Angels" playing in the background..... well, it did the trick!!!
Oh, let me add that this all took place around 8pm (it wouldn't be normal for us if it weren't spontaneous!!) Anyways, so we go flying into Pet Smart in hopes of finding the "perfect" kitten!
There were a good many to choose from, but before we left, I had told Michael that I just had to have a grey kitten :) Much to my surprise, there he was... the sweetest grey and white kitten putting on a show for us! It was almost as if he were saying "Pick me!" "Pick me!"
So, at about 9:30, we left Pet Smart with our newest addition ,and Brodie has indeed already brought so much joy into our lives!

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  1. Kathleen you will so love that kitty! We have a 9 year old and just got a new kitten named Graycie in November (Bryce thinks that is so cool that our kittens name is Graycie). Since Allie left on Friday for GSU she has been my little buddy following me everywhere I go as if sensing I just need a little company! I am sure he will bring you great joy! Terrie Lehi


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