Friday, September 30, 2011

"No Act of God Could Pull Me Away From You."

I truly believe that God speaks to us in the most unique ways.....Today, I was shopping with a friend at Kohl's for a dress that her 5 year old needed for a wedding. As we approached the check out line, which seemed to be a long wait, I had time to glance at my surroundings. Off to my right was a display of children's books by Nancy Tillman. The first one that caught my eye was "On the Night You Were Born." "Oh how perfect!" I thought to myself. I really needed to pick up a gift for my friend, Kristy who just had a baby last week and that seemed like such a sweet title. So, I reached down and grabbed two.... TWO...wait why two???? I will be totally honest, my hands are shaking right now. Yes, I grabbed two books because my first instinct was that I needed this book too. Now, I don't like to get emotional in front of my friends, especially when we are having a "Girls Day" ,so I did not let on to my feelings ,and I carefully placed one of the books back. Oddly enough though, instead of checking out with her, my hand went directly to another book titled, "Wherever You Are, My Love Will Find You." This was MY book. The reaction to fall apart subsided, and I was able to proceed with my purchases. These two books were in fact all I purchased on my shopping trip today. I felt totally fulfilled.
Tomorrow is October 1, 2011. Tomorrow would have been my official due date. I know that most babies are not born on their exact due date, especially twins, however there is still something in the pit of my gut that aches when I think about this date. I know that what I purchased today was simply a children's book, but the first page of this book read, "I wanted you more than you will ever know, so I sent love to follow wherever you go. " It gives me peace knowing that even though I can't hold my boys or that they didn't make it even close to their due date, nothing will come between the love a mother feels for her children; not even death. I feel this to be true between God and His children as well. I felt His love for me today.

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I Peter 4:8

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