Saturday, June 11, 2011

A little bump in the road....

Since learning that Michael and I were expecting the twins, we have come to expect the unexpected. Honestly, I quit trying to plan anything in advance and we have decided just to take one day at a time, which has made things a little easier.
Friday evening, we had managed to get Gracie and Bryce to bed a little earlier just so Michael and I could simply hang out together and enjoy the quiet. These kind of evenings come few and far between since summer began and all schedules went out the window!!!
I had actually been pretty lazy that day and didn't get up too much at all, so when I started experiencing some contractions around 11:00 that evening I got a little worried. I have had some contractions before but new that coming off a vacation at the beach in the heat was partially to blame. This time it was different. My contractions seemed to have a rhythm to them. I told Michael what was going on and we both decided to wait about an hour before calling the on call physician.
The hour soon approached and the contractions continued, so I called the physician who ordered me to go down to Labor and Delivery to get checked out.
Once we arrived, I was quickly hooked up to the fetal monitor and started receiving IV fluids. the twins were flipping all around being their normal active selves which made detecting their heartbeats a little challenging. Michael and I couldn't help but laugh a little at the nurses struggling to get our boys to cooperate!!!
The monitor revealed that I was having "irritation contractions" but I was not in labor...thank you, Lord! I was given a shot to make the contractions to stop and was admitted overnight for observation. Although we were completely exhausted, and I was simply uncomfortable, knowing that the twins were not in any harm made everything better. By morning, I was given some medicine called Procardia which will help me from having further contractions.
Basically, carrying identical twins is putting a strain on my body and I have been informed that this type of situation is very common. This weekend I was on on complete bedrest only allowed to get up to use the bathroom and should the contractions subside, I can go back to just "taking it easy" . For now, we just continue to pray that I can carry our boys as long as I can. Each day is a milestone inching us closer and closer to the end of this journey. Please continue to keep us in your prayers.


  1. Hey...saw your blog you posted a while back and keep checking back on ya! Will be definitely saying a prayer for you. You make everyone take care of mommy! :) And by the way, love the pics...we had them the same day. Love some Laura!!! TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF!!!! It's too hot to do anything anyway!

  2. I love reading your blog! These days when I'm nursing McKinley at 4 in the morning I Iove to read through my favorite blogs and yours is one of them!! Please know that I'm praying and thinking about you! Take care of yourself and those sweet boys! Keep posting I LOVE following!!

  3. Hi! I accidently stumbled accross your blog when I typed our blog address incorrectly. We are also the Cantey Family and I have a little girl named Gracie as well! I also have a little boy named Benton. We are in Texas - where are you? Emily Cantey


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