Thursday, June 9, 2011

23 1/2 week checkup

Wednesday I had my 23.5 week checkup to check on the twins and to further evaluate their condition with Twin to Twin . Both my sonographer as well as Dr. Joseph told me they were anticipating referring me over to the highrisk doctor at this visit. I was too and was a little nervous going into the sonogram not knowing what was going to be happening. My biggest fear was one baby not having enough fluid to sustain growth, but was pleasantly surprised!!!
The sonogram revealed that although Baby B still has more than enough fluid, Baby A has a perfect amount for him! Both babies are growing perfectly with Baby B weighing in at exactly 2lbs and Baby A weighing in at 1.12 oz ! The babies are actually in the 75th and 67th percentile for weight which is amazing!! It is truly a miracle that my condition is not causing any stress to our babies at this point!! So, basically, I am the only one uncomfortable, and I am totally fine with that!
Since I am progrssing well, Dr. Joseph wants to see me back in three weeks instead of weekly for now. His only concern at this point is my small frame being able to carry these bigger babies and excess fluid ,so draining some of the fluid off could be a big possibility at my next visit. My tummy is already measuring what it would be at 40 weeks!!
With all of that being said, I love a good challenge and I pray that Charlie, Sam, and I can really shock them all!!!
I am to continue to take it easy but have managed to dodge the bullet with bedrest and hospitalization, which I can only thank God for! I'll admit, laying around has been difficult for a person like me, but I continue to learn more and more about letting go .
I just want to thank everyone for the prayers and my wonderful friends and family who have helped Michael and I during this time. It has meant the world to us and has really made our journey a little easier :)

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