Saturday, June 25, 2011

As many of you already know, our sweet Charlie and Sam went to be Jesus on June 17th 2011. There is no other explanation than Heaven needed my precious babies more than I . Although this has indeed been the most difficult experience my family and I have ever been through, it has also taught us how to place all of our burdens on our God and He will give us the strength to see us through anything. My family has become closer and have never been touched by friends and total strangers reaching out to us in prayer and other services of love. Good has already come as a result of my two precious angels and Michael and I can only hope that if one person is saved as a result of our situation than the pain we have endured has not been in vain.

As for Gracie and Bryce, they are our strongest support and have been truely amazing through my pregnancy and through the loss. They know that they will always have two quardian angels looking over them, and that gives them a much needed comfort.

Michael and I were able to hold our sweet angels and we will always be forever greatful to Trinity Hospital for treating us and our babies with dignity and respect. God was everpresent throughout our short but very peaceful visit with Sam and Charlie , who were actually little cloans of Gracie. It was amazing holding their tiny hands and toes. Thank you , God for giving us that moment . We feel truly blessed.

Since our coming home from the hospital, the outpouring of love from our friends has been amazing. We are thankful for each and everyone of you and feel so very loved.The prayers are being felt because we serve an awesome God and I am getting physically stronger by the day...the laughter is overcoming the tears.. The meals have been such a blessing and we love you all so very much.

Every card and every message are so all are amazing!!! We love you, Michael, Kathleen, Gracie, Bryce, and our sweet angels



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