Sunday, March 20, 2011

The decision to build...our family!

For the most part, I consider myself to be a planner. I'm not too big on surprises, well, until now....

Michael and I had been going back and forth for over a year about expanding our family. We are both one of three,so it only seemed natural to eventually have a third child of our own, but it always seemed as though something along the way would cause us to wait. Being the "Type A" person I consider myself to be, I kept waiting for the perfect timing...waiting until both kids were in school, planning a fall or early spring delivery, or waiting until there was plenty in the savings account became my consistent reasons for postponing my pregnancy. Little did we know that God had already planned it out for us, which we would later find out.

One evening, Michael finally put his foot down and was done with all my "wishy-washyness"! He explained to me that just as before, life was not going to lay out the perfect path for us and we either needed to proceed with another baby or stop altogether! We had a long talk that evening, and without a doubt in my mind, we were going for it!!!

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