Wednesday, March 23, 2011

12 week checkup!!!!

Today we went in for my 12 week checkup, and I will admit, it was much better than my last! Since I am carrying multiples, Dr. Joseph wants to monitor me with an ultrasound every month during the first part pf my pregnancy .
We could not wait to get to see the twins again ! Among all the stressful events of trying to sell our house, having a contract on another , and my constant worry of future bedrest, seeing the twins would make all of these worries seem so small and once again remind us of how thankful we are for these two blessings.
I was relieved to have a "regular sonogram" on the belly this time! haha! As she turned the screen around for us to see, I just thought about how far I had come in the last month from that scared and emotional parent-to-be of multiples to the proud and very excited mommy of twins!!!
I had told Michael that I could feel them moving even though I knew it was very I could see why! "Baby A" was just a goin, kicking and moving those arms so fast!! Meanwhile, "Baby B" was relaxing and sleeping through his/her brother kicking him/her in the head!! We can almost tell that "Baby A" will probably be a little fiesty!! The sonographer confirmed that they are in two placentas which have fused together and that the twins are in their own sac. They each have their own umbilical cord and are separated by a very thin membrane which allows them to feel each other's kicks! What I love about this is that they are fully aware of their "womb buddy"!! Dr. Joseph is still quite certain that they are identical, but we won't actually know until they are born!
The babies are facing opposite each other for now, but we were told that could change too! For now, we do know that they are right on target and very healthy! Both babies have a heartrate of exactly 165 and are both exactly 3.5 inches long! It is truly amazing!
Today was a good day!! Thank you, God.

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  1. I know I felt the babies for the first time on Will's birthday and I was 12 weeks. I think you can feel them since there is so much more in there! I have all of the pregnancy scrubs packed up. I collected a few more along the way. I thought they might come in hady.
    Ashley Christman


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